In Which: There is an intro to a Writer, Cerebral Palsy, and the X-Men


I have a tumblr and a live journal, but both are more fandom based. So here it is my first stab into true blog keeping. Hopefully, although I’m not use to a professional tone,  I can use this blog to talk about two things: Writing and disability. Wait, make that four things: Writing, disability, reading, and my personal reviews about a little bit of everything pop culture.

I’m geeky and opinionated, but I like to think under all my my gripes, I’m optimistic to a fault.

I mainly made this blog as a running narrative of my journey through the writing process and getting published, either professionally or through amazon someday.

I guess a little bit of an intro is in order:

My name is Rebecca, but all my friends call me Becky. I am a 31 year old single cat lady (with one single cat), and native Californian. I have a learning disability and dyslexia, as well as mild to medium  spastic cerebral palsy. I like to joke that I basically was born with the tightness of a lifetime of wearing high heels in my heel cords, but that’s pretty much what it acts like. I treat my disability with equal parts humor and grumpiness depending on the day, but it is just a part of me as far as I’m considered so all my writing here will reflect that.

Before joining writing forums and talking to all the nice people there it didn’t really strike me how rare characters of different levels of disability were in fiction. I hope, once I’ve learnt to polish my work, to help with that problem at least a little, in children’s fiction at least.

I don’t feel right writing about disabilities I don’t personally have, so CP will  be my main focus in such representation, and perhaps also learning disabilities.

But, before all that: character!

It always use to drive me crazy as a young reader that nearly every character with a disability  in books (and even in tv shows) pretty much was  their disability + one set mood + the thing they did really good that ‘made up’ for their disability.

It’s harder to explain to able bodied people than I first thought it would be, how that sort of representation in media effects your mind long term. I hope to maybe in some small way get across some of that in my fiction, and show younger people like me that they are not alone in their feelings and more than that, that it’s okay to feel what they do in a world that doesn’t quite ‘get’ us.

(As a geeky side note, this very feeling was what first made me the huge fan of Marvel’s X-Men I am today. But more on that later.)

In closing, I hope you will follow my blog someday, if you have a moment.

I once kept a private diary on this site seven years ago, but wordpress ate all the entries and left nothing but the shell of their titles behind. I hope to goodness that doesn’t happen again.


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