In Which : I Will Write Every Day


Plenty of people need to break habits, but I need to start one again.

Writing every day use to be so easy in school and college. I found out long ago the reasons:

1) I wasn’t suppose to be writing fiction about centaurs and fairies in Biology class.              Writing always has the thrill of danger when you’re not suppose to be doing it.                                      And, 2) 99% of classes were using the logical part of my mind right up, leaving my imagination to play in the sandbox of possibility with a pencil. Because of this half and half workload, my inner editor (as unskilled as she is, more on that later) was busy with school to, and I put down a lot more ideas on paper to find out what stuck.

Nothing was too silly or above me in my writing mind.

I need to get back to that.

Nowadays, that ‘you’re not really much good you know’ voice is very loud from the start, for no reason I can really tell but fear. Fear that my one skill I’ve  always have prided myself on  is just a fake and that I’m actually awful.

Mix that with actually having a good self esteem on the whole and it’s the weirdest feeling coming back to everyday writing.

Shh inner voice. Sh. Have a cookie.


3 thoughts on “In Which : I Will Write Every Day

  1. I was just talking to a former classmate about how much she hated school because it was “so boring!” Funny, I thought, I loved school, but then, my brain was engaged elsewhere (with the dragons and the parallel worlds). The best thing about writing in class is that, from the outside, you look very industrious.


  2. You brought back some good memories with this post. I love your last line. I am still chuckling. By the way your inner voice is wrong, you do have a writerly ability.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow.


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