In Which: There is A Blue Screen Of Not Death


I love Wordperfect. There, I said it.

I didn’t always love it, no.  It was the first real program to introduce me to typing on a blank screen and filling it up, and given my horrible dyslexia at the time (which has lessened with age, oddly) that wasn’t a good thing in my eyes.

But what drove me crazy was the formatting. Or, I should say, lack there of.¶  (Sometimes this mark was a simple box shape)

I knew the formatting was actually there, but being able to see it all the time drove my little perfectionist mind crazy.¶

It was the one time where I felt happier in Word. Until, of course,the pages were printed out and the symbols were gone like a figment of my too active imagination.

But something about that blue screen stayed with me. Deep inside, it spoke of some nostalgic ghost of hours and hours of non-stop fiction typing creativity.

I’ve since found FocusWriter and a theme that brings back all these feelings full force.

Even if I can’t make the real dusty program run on my shiny PC, this seems like the next best thing.

Hello, old blue friend.


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