In Which: Classics: Books Were Burnt, And Everyone Loved TV Very Much


Fahrenheit 451 abridged

Montag: *deep inspiring speech about the immortality of humanities wisdom through books*


Another year old quote in my year old abridged series   (New ones to come, I need to get back on this)

I was hoodwinked for a long time. In this case, was about a book that everyone, for as long as I can remember, brought up hand and hand with censorship.

But is it maybe about something more? Now, that isn’t to say book burning isn’t a form of  making sure the public at large doesn’t get its eyes and minds on knowledge, because it is. But what happens when those eyes and ears know but simply don’t care anymore?     What happens when everyone would rather watch a screen than read a book page, and see everything contained in books as either 1) Dangerous 2) Boring or 3) Of no lasting worth without ever actually reading them?

What happens to that human connection preserved in books across the ages when it is thrown out in favor of glossy, agreeable, mass produced virtual interaction  you can have in your home at any time, 24/7?

I’m not sure really. The book was very open ended and hard to pinpoint perfectly.

Well, I’ll be over here watching Netflix and forum posting  if anyone needs me.



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