In Which: Memoir : Tone Of Voice Is A Thing


(Attached: A picture of me on my 6th birthday, showing off my new Popple. Featuring my old style first braces.)

“How can you let them talk to you like that?” asked my friend in high school.

“Like what?” I replied, totally clueless.

“Like a little kid, they talk to you like you’re stupid,” he said.

I quickly shrugged this off and didn’t think very much of it. Teachers didn’t talk to me weird.  It was the way they always talked.Years later it really hit me though:

It was the way they always talked to me, not everyone else.

I had been blinded into thinking that higher tone was normal because it was all I ever heard.  From teachers or doctors, it didn’t make much difference, they all sounded the same.

I still think they are just trying to be nice for the most part. I still smile, speak softly (mostly because I was raised with these habits), and sometimes play a bit dumber than I should.

Sometimes I don’t, and I surprise them, and they talk oddly for the rest of a visit.

Because they are so nice, I guess some part of me wants to be what they expect, for better or worst.

But sometimes I wonder, what do their real voices sound like?


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