In Which: Taste Is A Matter


Often people get a little bit testy over book reviews. The unspoken law seems to be,  if you say a book authors’ work is lacking, and you yourself are a writer, something is up.  That you are saying under your breath ‘I could write better than this!’ But is that always true? I’m not sure.

I think, more often than not, the hidden message may be nearer to ‘I see where this book could be more, but came up short.’ Maybe the wording is flat. Maybe the emotional connect to the characters just isn’t there for you as a reader. Maybe the plot falls somewhat short and you’re left at the last page feeling, ‘Wait what? You can’t just leave things here!’

What do you think? Can a writer be a reader and have a clear, unbiased, view of books?                                                   Have you had books that you just didn’t like for one reason or another? Has a bestseller ever left you feeling not your best?

I have to go now, my TBR pile is calling.


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