In Which: Writing Woes: There Is and Isn’t Action


Movies make it look so easy. Action scenes play out like finely tuned dances of crashing cars and flashing swords. But where does that leave the action in books?

Often, I’ve seen action scenes that were only hinted at, or nearly summarized on the page, made into play by play battles in a movie that could take your breath away.

So, I’m more than a little lost about the level of detail needed to make action real to the reader in books. Make no mistake, I’ve read enough books to leave ink marks on my fingers, and bright eye strain spots, sparkling like the Ghosts of Ebooks Past, whenever I look at a computer screen.

But still the right amount of detail escapes me,  and I find myself wasting all my time on Google searching for things like ‘How big would a spear and polearm for a ten year old be’ and ‘best way to kill a goblin’

Needed details? Maybe. But I won’t be using exact measurements for anything in my story (because magic) and I know it.

It’s all worldbuilding fluff compared to the big show vs. too much show action scene war.

It battles on inside my writing mind, and the odds are never in my favor.


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