In Which: I Wonder Where The Funny Went


I love puns so much. Picture unrelated. But an owl baker would be a cool idea now that I think of it *scribbling sounds*

Today’s entry is only a snippet of a blog because it’s more of a question. Where have all the funny books gone?
I remember when I was little ,and even well into the late 90’s, you couldn’t throw a goblet without it hitting a book making fun of high fantasy tropes, or a sci-fi tale that was more Spaceballs than Brave New World. Everywhere my bright young writing mind was picking up the message that books could be and should be just as funny as any other type of media.  The best thing about this unspoken feeling was, at the time, it felt like funny fantasy wasn’t looked down upon for not taking itself seriously.

Now…Well things are a little dark. (I have a running pet theory about books growing darker or lighter , but that’s another post. ) Not that this is bad, but it makes me think. Where are the funny fantasies now? Is anyone still writing them? Did funny fantasy and sci-if writer-dom flee from the cloud of grim dark stories to live like a race of fun loving mole people somewhere underground?

I guess I really need to buy a better internet shovel.


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