In Which: There Are Notes Of Books


The orange mini-note is my traveling notebook since it’s built in pocket makes sure I always have something to write with on hand. I’m pretty sure needing to write but having nothing to write with is one of those dark circles of afterlife punishment. (Most boring DOOM level idea ever)

I don’t have a problem…

Okay, maybe I do. Today, since I am sick with a bug that is going around through my hometown countryside, I thought I’d do another small post. This time to share my notebook collection. This is only about half of it, but I think you can see my slow slide from ‘Writing must be serious every step of the way’ to ‘Darn it if I’m going to be writing for hours and hours I want something that makes me happy.’ Back to school sales always fill me with a renewed drive to write more, so those newest two sparkling silver and black books were just too good to pass up.

 In my case, I use notebooks to get out certain scenes and bits of dialogue that need to come into being right this moment, and then my laptop to slap them into place in the bigger scheme of things, plotwise. 

Do you have a favorite notebook? (Or if you don’t write on paper a favorite program or app?) What gets you fired up to write?

Do you have something you’d like to hear me talk about on my blog? Drop me a line below!


2 thoughts on “In Which: There Are Notes Of Books

  1. Kindred soul. I love office supplies and the dollar store gives me the freedom to go hog wild without spending a fortune. Staples is one of my guilty pleasures. Notebook out and keep the pens, pencils or markers handy.


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