In Which: Plots Are Favored Part 3


I should have said before but these are just my favorite plots and plot elements, not the only ones I enjoy or think are good. When all is said and done we all look for different things in fiction :).

Now we come to some of my all time favorites:

  • The living book. 

I love symbolism. Back in the day when ‘Read! Read! It’s fun, we promise!’ was the tagline and undercurrent  of every childrens show I joined the Fellowship of the Book (“And my bookmark! And My library Card!”)  in a flash. It helped that my ma only bought me books as gifts of course, but that’s another blog post.

Anyway, the idea that books could take you to far of places without you needing to go anywhere and let you be anyone that could do amazing things was great (To little me, who lived in the middle of nowhere, didn’t mind reading as boy characters, and sometimes had my CP getting me down, it was especially therapeutic.)

But the idea that that book world might be alive and able to be affected by a reader character in their outside ‘normal’ world, spilling one into the other by books end? Those stories were, and still are, pure magic to me. As years have gone on from the days of The Neverending Story I’ve hunted for this plot and its lovable brother ‘Everything is Real Somewhere‘ tirelessly. Somehow, no matter how  many times I read it, my love for this plot is neverending.


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