• I am a 31 year old single gal with no kids (que unspoken romantic comedy gone wrong music here with guys running away screaming)  that doesn’t feel nearly that old.
  • I have one cat so at this point I guess that would make me a cat lady.
  • I’ve taken every english and writing class my small, nowhere town in northern California has ever offered…
  • But I don’t have a degree of any sort to show for it, because math is evil.


  • I don’t consider myself an authority on anything but the bits and pieces I picked up while failing more  than I’ve succeeded.
  • Sometimes I squash spam on proboards for a dime or two. I know enough html to make you a site from 1998 if you’d like.
  •  I have cerebral palsy, a learning disability and dyslexia\dyscalculia to boot.  I think someone must have been giving them out as a giftbox set when I was born, but what can you do? Life is pretty amazing and I’m grateful for it.
  • I’m very geeky and am more of a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fan, more of a Mario fan than a Sonic fan, and more of a Marvel fan that a DC comics fan. Just so we’re clear on my faiths. But I pretty much like anything geeky or animated, from Disney to anime.
  • I am not published at the moment but I’m working on that, mostly in the form of MG and early reader. I would like to try my hand at romance to.
  • I’ve been a fan of vampire romance since 1995, but I’m more the Rice and Ashley type than the Twilight type. My one true love is classic high fantasy though. I haven’t seen much of it lately.

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