In Which: I Ask You Something


Hello everyone! So nice to meet you!

I’m very new to this whole ‘Use blogging professionally’ scene, so I may not always sound professional.   I’m sorry in advance for this. 

Anyway, onto the reason for this post:

What would you like to see me post more of in the way of topic/theme/tone? Do you feel once a day is too often? Would you rather I take on a multi- topic format but only update once and a while? Of the types of posts I’ve done so far which are your favorites? I aim to please :)!


In Which: Loving What You Love Is Good


Shame is very common on the internet.

For all the good that collective sites do, bringing together like minded fans of everything from action figures, to glamorous  musical shows, there is a dark side.

This side is almost always dedicated to saying how much of a guilty pleasure what you love is. It calls you a geek if you dare step into the limelight and say ‘You know what? I’m proud to love FILL IN THE BLANK!’

 Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things certain groups love that are worth being ashamed of, things that hurt themselves and other people.

But we’re talking about the harmless geek pursuits here along the lines of colorful cartoons, or action figures or lava lamps or whatever you may be a fan of. As long as you’re not using your rent money on a  new limited edition object of your choosing, or selling your first born for tickets, things are well within normal levels (hopefully).

Sometimes, we feel ashamed of liking something because others around us in our day to day lives don’t have the same passion for them.  It can be lonely when you love a movie or show so much and then turn to see the person you were trying to share it with has fallen asleep. 

But, in the end I think we may too often forget: There’s nothing truly wrong with being geeky. Sometimes that shame is only a shadow of others opinions and not our own true feelings.

There’s a good life lesson in there somewhere.

In Which: There Shall Be No More Cuts


Just a quick little note here to say that from now on I won’t be putting my posts behind read mores. All the info coming in on my almost first full week here shows that hardly everyone clicks on them to actually read more, so they are pretty much unneeded. Frankly, that news frames my blog a bit on the sad side to boot.

So, since even my longest posts nearly only clock in at 500 words or under, I’m letting most of them frolic uncut through the glassy fields of the internet. Maybe they’ll meet more friends that way.

Be free my little wordlings, be free.

Edit: Soon after writing this post I learnt that wordpress auto-cuts all blog posts anyway and that I was doing a lot of work I really didn’t have to all that time. Good to know.