In Which: Young Adult is Still Adult


While on one of my journeys across the internet for info into the inner workings of writing young adult fiction (which somehow ends just as often in Facebook as it does in my opening a FocusWriter document) I came across a few interesting articles. The common consensus these days seems to be if you are over 18, or worst yet, the dreaded 30,  and ‘still’ read YA novels, you should have your ‘I am a sensible adult wise in the ways of the world having no happy endings’ licence revoked. Or, on the other end, that not liking YA novels as an adult makes you a member of the ‘Bitter, old, dusty literary book lovers and puppy kickers’ club.

I’m not sure if either side is totally right or wrong. As I get older though I actually feel like I enjoy young adult and even *gasp* children’s books more  than I even did when I was their target age group. Part of that isn’t because I somehow grew up without learning how unrealistic these stories are, but really, because I did. The same goes for the other worlds in classic scifi or the happily ever afters in a good romance novel. Of course love doesn’t last forever, of course the hero doesn’t always get rid of a government that is corrupt and killing people. But for the short space of a novel or a series it does an adult heart good to believe in that impossible thing. Maybe, so if someday we get even a small bit of that impossible in our real life we will still be able to recognize it , and turn the page to something wonderful.


Can’t stop at one!


She only meant to eat a few, but before she knew, it the packet was empty!

Her parents were horrified when they found out.

Even the family dog looked distraught, whimpering and hiding under the table.
“Who eats a whole package of bouillon cubes?” Her father half asked, half yelled.
“Oh Lucy, what were you thinking?” Her mother said, swiftly sticking the little girl over her shoulder and making a B line toward the car.
“I wanted to make soup in my belly.” Lucy replied in a bright voice accented with a hiccup.


Today’s prompt . . .

She only meant to eat a few but before she knew it the packet was empty!

Been there, done that 😦

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